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Rainbow Vase Made From Hand Pulled Cane

This pretty vase features many vibrant colors of the rainbow and was made from hand pulled cane. A special technique was used so inside of the canes there is a thin layer of white, helping the colors just about jump out of the glass.

Working with cane is a time consuming two-stage process. First Dirwood hand pulled the canes used to make this vase, then he made this vase using those freshly pulled canes.

*Note that the white spots on the glass are reflections from the photo lights.

HBG Number: dw1208-086-n952

Artist: Dirwood

Dimensions: 8.5" wide x 14.5" tall

Price: $359.00

**If you are interested in purchasing a piece similar to the piece of hand blown glass featured on this page, please email us at Archives@HandBlownGlass.com and we will ask the artist to see if a similar piece can be blown. Please be sure to include the HBG Number in your email.

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