Hand Blown Glass

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Elegant Gold Topaz Tall & Textured Sculpture

This tall sculpture is simply breathtaking. It features elegant shades of gold topaz and a truly one-of-a-kind shape measuring a full two feet tall.

Make sure to zoom in to see the intricate detail and texture. There are globs of once molten glass dripping down the side adding another dimension to an already amazing sculpture. This is truly a special work of art guaranteed to impress!

*Note that the white spots on the glass are reflections from the photo lights.

HBG Number: dw1401-002-n1508

Artist: Dirwood

Dimensions: 24" tall

Price: $549.00

**If you are interested in purchasing a piece similar to the piece of hand blown glass featured on this page, please email us at Archives@HandBlownGlass.com and we will ask the artist to see if a similar piece can be blown. Please be sure to include the HBG Number in your email.

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