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Incalmo Wallbowl w/ Gold Topaz, Purple and Red

This incalmo wallbowl features 5 separate sections that come together to form an absolutely stunning piece of glass wall art. Each section was formed as its own separate molten bubble, then they were fused together and blown out as one unified bubble using the incalmo method.

The interior gold topaz section also features striking red murrini. Working with murrini is a three stage time consuming process - first Dirwood hand pulled the canes used to make the murrini, next he cut the canes into the the individual murrini pieces, then he used the murrini to make patterns on the glass as he made thee inner section of this wall bowl.

Wall bowls can be hung on a wall just like a picture or they can also be set out as a table bowl as well. To hang the bowl on a wall, all you need is a secure hook on the wall and a hanging apparatus comes along with the bowl. Hanging the bowl is a breeze and should take less than 10 minutes. You won't believe the compliments you are sure to receive when displaying this beautiful wall bowl!

*Note that the white spots on the glass are reflections from the photo lights.

HBG Number: dw1701-002-n2241

Artist: Dirwood

Dimensions: 20" x 5"

Price: $999.00

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